Academy classes delayed to 2022

We will delay the official launch of our AcademyPASS platform to 2022. We have been working hard on the policy for each virtual class and workshop, but due to the challenges this year have been unable to secure staff to work flexibly and lead these classes. For anyone interesting, we are operating with limited capacity and can only offer a fraction of some services, but have opted to provide these free of charge. Enquire at

Update V.1.2

Community Forum has been removed from the site after trial period due to increased spam content. This content was not published on the site due to moderation checkpoint, which affect performance and purpose of community forum. Along with lack of community input, the Community Forum was deleted.

Changes Made:

  • Website no longer requires reCAPTCHA, and privacy notice has been removed
  • Updated policy for those that subscribe to the website
  • Updated privacy notice for content that is published by members of the community or team members, either as comments or posts.
  • Updated Resource Portal link on Quick Access Menu and no longer as part of the Academy.