About Seanasol Research

Seanasol Research is a Community Interest Company operating in the United Kingdom formed of scientists and engineers. We have adopted an Earth-first business model for sustainability, which means that innovations tailored for Space settlements must first need to be built for applications on Earth. This ensures that we assess challenges in a way that solutions benefit people on Earth, and progressively build the infrastructure to communities in Space. Under our “gateway to collaboration” ideology, Seanasol Research is the gatekeeper of the collaborative space and facilitates business leaders, policy-makers, and scientists establish long-lasting partnerships. We are continually expanding into other industries, most recently healthcare, and places us in the unique position as one of the few Space advocacy companies that operates under a multidisciplinary leadership. 

Leaders in the Collaborative Space

Driving innovation through the cycle from research to discovery and application. 

Global Mindset

We unlock the potential of individuals by bringing them on-board projects worldwide.

Sustainability & Equitability

We take pride in being a space advocacy company that values innovation for Earth.

A Voice for the Community

Leading community campaigns to empower individuals and lead positive impact in their communities.