Core Values

Driving innovation through the cycle from research to discovery and application.

Scientific Contribution

Our research aims to solve the problems on how we grow crops on Earth and build the infrastructure to growing plants in outer-space and other planets. All of our original research will be published in peer-reviewed journals and available for open-access, such that the knowledge we obtain from our funded projects can reach several scientists world-wide. Our strong partnership to private companies will also create opportunities to design, build and test our findings in real-world applications.

Research | Design | Apply

Our Community

As a Community Interest Company a large portion of our work is aimed at bringing more plant science in schools and universities; to teach the importance of agriculture, changing climates and how we can work to minimise our impact to the environment. To us, the wellbeing and education of the younger generation is of the utmost importance because they are the ones who have a chance to change our world. By organising events, we aim to improve engagement within a community and give everyone an opportunity to learn and engage with the wider community.

We are looking for long term solutions and contributions to our community.

Strategy & Innovation

We believe that the best innovation comes first from imagination. That is why we encourage our research team to dream and imagine problems, and then together along with our business partners, we create solutions. We strive to use fundamental concepts when forming our research proposals and interact with our collaborators to bring these proposals to application-focused applications.

We envision problems, so you can have solutions.

Equality, Inclusivity & Diversity

Biodiversity is at the core of a healthy ecosystem and this is why we are committed in supporting equality across our organisation and community. Our scientific contributions are universal solutions, applicable and unconditionally available to all nations and to all social groups.

We affirm the universality of research and the exchange of knowledge.


Our role for the wider scientific community is to build the niche for space scientists and plant biologists and create the gateway to low-gravity farming. We are firm supporters of interdisciplinary research collaboration and rely on these partnerships to bringing solutions to a broad range of applications.

Data Protection & Intellectual Property

Building trust is important in any work and personal context, but we acknowledge that it is also one of the hardest thing to master. That is why we are dedicated in protecting your ideas by having in place non-disclosure agreements at every stage of our work. These agreements protect your intellectual property, that is all conversations with us, your ideas, concepts and designs. Not only does this mean that your ideas will always be attributed to you, but with a peace of mind, we can engage in deep conversations and push our projects forward.

Minimising the Impact on the Environment

Our business policy takes into account measures to minimise our impact on the environment. Our policy outlines to protect the environment through reducing the waste of single-use paper and plastic. We are committed to going paperless for all essential, day-to-day business activities. We also encourage our team members to travel through the most environmental friendly transport method and only travel when absolutely necessary.