Equality, Inclusivity, and Diversity

We affirm the universality of research and the exchange of knowledge, and it is this “universal” way of thinking that we want to ignite in the younger generations. We want to show that skills are transferable and adaptable to which ever career, in which ever location, whether on Earth or elsewhere. We are working with a highly diverse team of talented individuals who will help to reach our objectives and aid in linking our work to the rest of the world. Combined, the team at Seanasol Research, speaks over eight languages. The innovations and ideas we offer to improve the quality of life on Earth are universal solutions.

This vision equally applies to the individuals and companies with whom we collaborate and form partnerships. Despite operating predominantly in the United Kingdom, we do not filter skills or interests from those who are located elsewhere. We maintain a strong relationship with a trusted network of talented individuals from all regions in the world and we appreciate their input in our projects. We build this community with equality and integrity in mind and work to better understand different cultures and customs, such that our innovative solutions are relevant, equitable, and appropriate.

We also strive to create an inclusive environment, in which individual differences and the contributions of all team members are recognised and valued. Our Diversity and Equality Policy reinforces our commitment to providing equality and fairness to all in our workforce and not provide less favourable facilities or treatment on the grounds of age, disability (including learning, physical and hidden disabilities), gender and gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, religion or belief, and sexual orientation. We
are opposed to all forms of discrimination. All members of the Company, no matter whether they are part-time, full-time, or temporary, will be treated fairly and with respect. Our inclusivity policy extends across the entire Seanasol Universe.

Finally, we appreciate the diversity that exists out there. Without this, we could not drive innovation and the world would not learn from one another. We recognise the importance of Indigenous groups and native people who have lived in their communities for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and have seen the world evolve around them. It is not only about protecting the environment for the goodness of sustainability, but also for protecting heritage sites, which are surrounded by history and symbolism. When driving innovation and change, we must work together with isolated communities and build the future with them in mind, and this way we all gain a better appreciation of the diversity that exists and how unity creates better opportunities for all.