Seanasol is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom, which stands for “space, engineering and agricultural solutions”. Seanasol Research is a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company aiming to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for smart, precision agriculture in urban farming and Space applications. Our research aims to solve the problems on how we grow crops on Earth and envision solutions to how we can grow plants in outer-space, on the International Space Station and other planets such as Mars.

Collaboration is at the heart of innovation. Our “gateway to collaboration” ideology emphasises our role in our community to help business leaders, policy-makers, and scientists establish long-lasting partnerships. As liaison between individuals and companies, we ensure meetings are arranged between all parties involved, ensure that all parties get access to information sharing platforms, lead the preparation of non-disclosure documents and distribute these on time to prevent project delays, lead scientific discussions and/or provide technical expertise if required and ensure that a standard business and research ethics policy is observed in the partnership.

We are also working with our communities, locally and abroad, and bring application-focused plant science into schools and universities. Our Earth-first business model ensures that the innovations and ideas we offer to improve the quality of life on Earth are universal solutions, applicable and unconditionally available to all nations and social groups. We are looking for long term solutions and contributions to our community.

Though agriculture is our primary focus, we firmly believe that equal importance should be given to other sciences such as health science and medicine, psychology and engineering, and it’s the unity of these sciences that will promote the development of strong and healthy communities in Space.


It is our duty to the scientific community to report our on-going research in open-access publications. We also have a commitment to our other audiences and will also report our activities on this website and publish yearly reports, specifically aimed for the general public.

We encourage you to join our Newsletter where we will publish monthly and yearly goals, progress and accomplishments as well as upcoming events organised by us or our collaborators.


At a transitionary period in your studies or career? We create opportunities for prospective university students, students or recent graduates who want experience in application-focused plant science projects, help build their CVs and network with professionals. As part of our Academy Scheme, we offer training in maths, engineering, plant biology, writing (scientific or leisure applications), languages and other transferable skills such as team management, time management and record keeping.


We are working closely with our local community to bring events to showcase our work and our contributions to the United Kingdom. Our aim is to open the market to more plant science job opportunities across several applications in academic research or industry and push the creation of more interdisciplinary collaborations.


Do you benefit from learning at a slower pace and prefer one-to-one study sessions or simply want a personalised learning experience? See our Academy page to find ways we can help you.


Need to find a collaborator? We might structure your project to reach a broader audience and help you find potential collaborators. We invite project proposals from the general public or members of the scientific community so that we together can reach our goals. Simply fill in the Request for Proposal form and send it to us. To submit a proposal, please follow the steps outlined here. We will review your proposal and decide if it something that we are able to contribute to.


We are developing web-based services that promote communication and support the development of scientists worldwide. We are very interested in providing early career scientists with innovative tools that will assist their research.