Board of Directors

Emmanuel G. Escobar, Ph.D.

Emmanuel is interested in realising the full potential of scientific research by assisting businesses develop strong partnerships with academic institutions, and to ensure inclusion, diversity, integrity principles are recognised in these collaborations. His readership into transdisciplinary philosophy enables him to form proposals on behalf of businesses or academics in order to seek foundation funds for larger and more impactful projects.

Lidia Escobar, MSc.
Managing Director

Lidia Escobar is a Business Development Specialist who enables the efficient interaction between our internal and external collaborators. Lidia has managed a family Telecom consulting business that has worked worldwide.  She holds a Master’s degree in International Management from the University of Liverpool and has also a background in Education.  In Guatemala, her country of origin, she was a Secondary School teacher of Biology and Chemistry. Lidia is concerned about the issue of food security and has taken the Seanasol Research initiative as her own and she firmly believes in the interdependence of humans and plants and the need to explore ways to secure that relationship.

Julio Gonzalez-Saenz, MSc.
Programme Director (Space Segment)

Julio was a key design engineer in the integration and adaptation of the Signalling System 7 (SS7) and responsible for its success in the exchange of information using digital signalling networks—one of the most complex projects in the world. Julio is a world-traveller, fluent in Spanish, English, German and French, and has worked in world-class telecom projects including those with KPN in the Netherlands, Sofrecom in Syria, CGI in Germany, and Vodafone, Altran, British Gas and NPower in the United Kingdom.


Sally Yiu, BSc
Media and Communications Specialist

Sally is one of the founding members of the Seanasol Research, who helped design the original idea for the micro-habitat, environment controlled platforms that were developed for low-gravity farming when the Seanasol initiative first started. Since then, she has used her experience in media and communications management to advise the creation of online projects, such as website design and content creation. She continues to work alongside the biological segments and has designed and created company logos and banners for use on official documents.

Sid Agrawal, MSc
Senior Account Manager

Sid is the newest addition to the company and helps maintain strong relationships with our partners, clients, and collaborators. He studied Biochemistry at Queen Mary, University of London, then went on to specialise on virology during his Masters degree. Since then, he has worked as Relationship and Account Manager for several companies, and joins Seanasol Research on a volunteer basis to help reach out to our network and community. He is the point-of-contact for our collaborators, as well as manages team finances, budgets, customer satisfaction reports as well as identifying new projects for investment.

Partners & Collaborators

UK Urban Agri-Tech Innovation
Space Law
Space Outreach
Space Advocacy
Healthcare Management
Water-Related Industries

Research Collaboration