Scientific Writing and Feedback

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What’s Included?

These writing sessions offer more than simply proofreading submitted materials. It is about critically reviewing submitted materials and meeting with clients to go over feedback. Submitted materials include, but are not limited to, school essays, university dissertations (at all levels), and scientific articles. Currently sessions are available in English, Spanish, German and Mandarin/Cantonese (Arabic and Portuguese on special request).

  • Proofreading of document submitted (no word limit). Multiple document uploads are accepted so long they are linked or related to the same project task (see Terms & Conditions for more detail).
  • All proofreading, including grammar checks, punctuation, sentence structure, and typesetting.
  • Review content (within STEM sciences).
  • One (1) hour feedback one-to-one session.
  • Follow-up document submission to revise changes made (second session, if required, up to one (1) additional hour).
  • Feedback is approved by senior editors before returned to clients.

Please note that we require at least one (1) week to review a document (though make take longer for larger workloads), and at least two (2) weeks to review documents longer than 5,000 words. We will always try to work around your deadlines, so make sure you specify a due-by date when claiming your AcademyPASS.

Registration Fee: TBD

Season AcademyPass

Purchasing a Season AcademyPass offers more flexibility and complimentary access to other training sessions and webinars. For more information about our Season passes, see here.


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Group Sessions & Writing Workshops

Group sessions are online events open for multiple attendees at the same time. These run throughout each season, and usually have more spaces available. Ideal for group projects and small teams. To register your interest for a session, click the link below (subject to availability).

Check the upcoming group sessions and workshops.

AcademyPASS Terms & Conditions

  1. Work and/or documents submitted must be original documents. If these are materials produced by more than one individual, the person submitting must have had consent from all parties before sharing these documents.
  2. Documents containing restricted or personal information will not be accepted unless any of this information is redacted (exception: research articles or clinical studies whereby participant information is anonymised).
  3. We treat any document submitted as confidential information and will not be shared or replicated in any way. Learn more about information and data classifications.
  4. On scientific articles we will not check the authenticity of the work submitted. It is the responsibility of the original author to ensure their work properly referenced. We might report any discrepancies or issues that we find, but we do not offer to be a reference checking service, and will not accept responsibility for any material that is plagiarized and/or not original. We do not use any software when checking documents.
  5. It is the responsibility of the original author to declare whether their work has restricted and/or personal information.
  6. We offer to store documents securely on an online cloud platform (Microsoft SharePoint). Files will not be stored on local computer systems or saved on personal mobile devices. All documents are stored on encrypted devices. We have an extensive workflow for dealing with confidential, restricted and personal information. Learn more about our policy on storing information.
  7. Individuals can keep track of their requests via the submission platform (see here) or updates will be sent via their preferred method of contact (typically email address).

Tickets are valid for up to two (2) months after purchase.

Date BoughtActivation DateExpiration Date
January 1, 2021January 1, 2021March 1, 2021
Example ticket expiration

You can find a complete set of terms and conditions here.

Information about claiming AcademyPASS

Things we will ask you when you book and needed when claiming an AcademyPASS:

  1. Name
  2. Email Address (tickets will be sent here)
  3. A Personal Reference ID (you assign this, a code that is unique to you)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with general information about the session, as well as how to submit your work that you want to be reviewed, and arrange a feedback session. If you prefer to discuss your work, instead of sending it in for feedback, you will need to indicate that in your request when you claim your AcademyPASS.

To claim an AcademyPASS (Season Pass included) you will need to use the Resource Hub option: Claim an AcademyPASS and have your AcademyPASS Activation Code with you (emailed two days before the start of the month) and the Personal Reference ID you assigned yourself during booking. Use the form to submit your work, specific requirements and suggest a date when you want to receive feedback. Receiving verbal feedback is an option, which we encourage. However, you may choose to receive written feedback if that is more convenient.

If you do not want to use the Resource Hub option for submitting your work or specifying a date for the session, please email us at Please provide your name, email address (used to communicate with us), Session Code (AcademyPASS Activation Code) and your Personal Reference ID. This will be indicated in your session confirmation email. We will not be able to process your request if you don’t provide us with these four things.

Please note that you do not need to submit a claim when registering for group sessions or workshops; instead, you will receive a one-time use link with instructions on how to join the webinar.

For information on how we use your personal information across these services, please see our Privacy Policy. For more information about the Seanasol Academy, see our procedures here.

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