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The AcademyPASS is a way for you to securely register to online sessions and give you greater access to online workshops. Our new scheme offers several topics that can be personalised to fit your needs, along with extra flexibility (choose when to ask for help) and give you peace of mind when communicating with us.

Depending on your needs, we offer online sessions for professionals (career solutions, consultations, research paper reviews) and for students (proofreading, CV building, online tutorials/learning resources).

If you plan to attend several sessions or need help for a specific project, we recommend that you can purchase a Season AcademyPASS. These are sessions that are bundled together for a fixed price, cheaper than purchasing several, single-use AcademyPASS, and offers you greater flexibility of when to use them (within 3 months). There are three tiers: THINK, EXPLORE, DISCOVER. We can also make a personalised DISCOVER PASS just for you.

Additional Information

Registration fees are calculated based on 1-h session times (though this can vary based on session topic) and you can choose to participate in the workshop-styled feedback session. Otherwise, we will provide all feedback and comments in writing. All fee information will be clearly written on the session home page. You may also choose to attend a private meeting where we discuss your work and provide you feedback. Refunds are available, but you will not be able to make any claims with refunded activation codes. See our procedure here.

Booking a Place (Coming 2021).

Soon you will be able to book attendance to our online sessions. Once you have found the session you would like to attend, you can register for a single-use ticket from Eventbrite (link found in the session page). You will receive updates straight to your email and your activation codes (see claiming an AcademyPASS). Single-use AcademyPASS are valid only for the indicated term.

Your Privacy and IP Protection.

We understand that your original work and intellectual property (IP) needs to be protected. That is why we have implemented a secure system for submitting your work, which gives you access to our comments and updated copies of the files you submit. This works by you having a personal account from which you can track your requests. We give you the flexibility on how to share your work with us, either via physical copies or downloadable links, your IP is protected. On request, we can keep your confidential work on a secure cloud service from where you can view changes in real-time.

Season AcademyPASS Sessions (Coming 2021).

If you need even more flexibility and want a cost-effective way to attend several sessions, or you know you will be busy for a month and need to submit multiple documents for proof-reading, you can purchase the Season AcademyPASS. Pick We offer three tiers with different benefits: THINK | EXPLORE | DISCOVER.

Claiming an AcademyPASS

Claiming your AcademyPASS is simple. After you register to the event, you will be given information how to submit your request. You can either do this by emailing us at or submitting your request directly here. You need to quote the AcademyPASS Activation Code sent to you and your Personal Reference ID (you assign this at the time of booking). Using our secure service (you can create a customer account if you want to keep track of your request), you can then can attach any additional files or documentation relating to your request or add additional information. You can receive feedback verbally if you wish, depending on your request type.

Our Guarantee.

We have established a workflow that protects your work, personal information, and intellectual property and ensures we deliver an exceptional service for our customers. We aim to respond to your request between 1-2 days (weekends inclusive). Additionally, you can add priority request and/or add a Deadline. We will always try to work around your needs.

Need more Help?

We are still developing these services, and once we go live, we want to ensure you receive support and advice should you need it. You don’t need to make a purchase if you want to learn more about services. And if you have having trouble with any of our services, you can use submit your questions on our Resource Hub.

Transparency Statement

We make sure that you have access to all information regarding these sessions. For each session home page, you will find a clear description what is included with the AcademyPASS for that session, the registration fee, and our comprehensive policy on the operating standards of the Seanasol Academy. You receive this information again after booking a session. For your convenience, we have set an easy-to-use and secure platform from where you can submit your requests, and we aim to make contact with you within 72h. All registration fees are fixed costs, and clients will not be charged additional fees after sessions are booked. Our policy clearly states that clients will not be penalised for sessions that run over the allocated time, nor will support end should we go over the maximum allocated time for the Season AcademyPASS. We will always try to work with clients to find the best way forward to any situation.

We are still committed to our community interest company classification, and up to 60% of revenue collected from this scheme goes directly to charitable purposes in the UK, with the remainder being reinvested into the company to help develop community events and support schemes.

Inclusivity Statement

We can cater to individuals who have learning disabilities or that may need extra help and explanation during their feedback session. Individuals of this category are also invited to have buddy with them during the session to ensure they are comfortable. Sessions that run longer for these cases will not incur additional charges, however, we ask that the AcademyPASS holder let us know in advance so that we can create a learning plan that is suitable for the individual.


Entry-level benefits package


Entry-level benefits + more


Professional-level training + more

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to assign myself a Personal Reference ID?

Personal Reference ID’s are required so that we can authenticate your Activation Code and keep these details while masking your identity and anonymising our records. This way, we do not need to keep sensitive information about your requests on our local systems. All your personal information is stored in secure locations as per our Privacy Policy. You should include your Activation Code and Personal Reference ID in all streams of communication with us. Without these two codes, we will be unable to process your request.

I booked a session that I didn’t attend, can I get a refund?

Refunds are available for sessions that are not attended, so long your ticket is within the activation period. This period is clearly stated on our Online Sessions Homepage and on your ticket. We will not be able to process refund claims after the activation period ends. Refunds can be requested via the Eventbrite webpage.

Are refunds available for the Season AcademyPASS?

Yes, but only for unused passes for that activation period. Claiming a refund will void your activation codes, promotion codes and personal reference ID.

What if I don’t want to use the Resource Hub to claim my AcademyPASS?

You can send us an email to, nothing else changes. You will still need to quote your AcademyPASS Activation Code and Personal Reference ID.