Introducing the AcademyPASS

The AcademyPASS is a way for you to securely purchase services. Our new scheme offers services that can be personalised to fit your needs, along with extra flexibility (choose when to ask for help) and give you peace of mind when communicating with us.

Depending on your needs, we offer services for professionals (career solutions, consultations, research paper reviews) and for students (proofreading, CV building, online tutorials/learning resources). While these services overlap in principle, professionals get additional benefits included with their purchases (see example below).

If you plan to use several services or need help for a specific project, we recommend that you can purchase an AcademyPASS Package. These are services that are bundled together for a fixed price, cheaper than purchasing a single-use AcademyPASS, and offers you greater flexibility of when to use them. There are three tiers: THINK, EXPLORE, DISCOVER. We can also make a personalised DISCOVER PASS just for you.

CV Building
  • Advice on building a CV, Proofreading a CV
Career Solutions
  • CV Formatting & Advice, Cover Letters, Mock Interview

About the Scheme

Making Purchases (Coming Soon).

Soon you will be able to purchase a service from us. Once you have found the service you need, you can purchase it from our integrated store page. Then, we will send you a AcademyPASS for the service requested. We are still working out the details, but our options will be either to send you a physical or digital copy of the AcademyPASS. Your AcademyPASS will have a unique reference number which you can use to claim the service. This pay expires after a certain number of days, so be sure to use it in time.

Your Privacy and IP Protection.

We understand that your original work and intellectual property (IP) needs to be protected. That is why we have implemented a secure system for submitting your work, which gives you access to our comments and updated copies of the files you submit. This works by you having a personal account from which you can track your requests. We give you the flexibility on how to share your work with us, either via physical copies or downloadable links, your IP is protected. On request, we can keep your confidential work on a secure cloud service from where you can view changes in real-time.

AcademyPASS Packages (Coming Soon).

If you need even more flexibility and want a cost-effective way to choose several services, or you know you will be busy for a month and need to submit multiple documents for proof-reading, you can purchase Academy PASS Packages. Pick from the package that is right for you. We offer three tiers with different benefits: THINK PASS | EXPLORE PASS | DISCOVER PASS.

Claiming a Service.

Making service requests is simple. When making a purchase, you will be given information how to submit your request. You can either do this by emailing us or submitting your request directly here. You just need to quote the unique ID sent with your AcademyPASS and we can start working with you. Using our secure service (you can create a customer account if you want to keep track of your request), you can then can attach any additional files or documentation relating to your request or add additional information.

Our Guarantee.

We have established a service workflow that protects your work, personal information, and intellectual property and ensures we deliver an exceptional service for our customers. We aim to respond to your request between 1-2 days (weekends inclusive). Additionally, you can add priority request and/or add a Deadline. We will always try to work around your needs.

Need more Help?

We are still developing these services, and once we go live, we want to ensure you receive support and advice should you need it. You don’t need to make a purchase if you want to learn more about services. And if you have having trouble with any of our services, you can use submit your questions on our Resource Hub.

Entry-level PASS
  • Entry-level benefits package
  • Entry-level benefits + additional options
For Professionals
  • Personalised package just for you.

Purchase Options

Single-Use AcademyPASS

Price: Coming Soon

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Price: Coming Soon

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Price: Coming Soon

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Price: Coming Soon

Description coming soon.

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