DISCOVER PASS now being tested online. As the top tier PASS, you will have unlimited access to all planned workshops for this season and access to several of the other online sessions.

SeasonActivation DateExpiration Date
Season 11 January 20211 April 2021
Dates for current Season DISCOVER PASS

What’s Included?

  • TBD (access to other sessions)
  • Professional-level training and consultancy (to be agreed upon contact)
  • Unlimited entry to our workshops for this season.

Price: TBD

Information about claiming AcademyPASS

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with general information about the session. Two (2) days before the start of the Season, you will receive another email with exact conditions of your purchase, as well as how to submit your work that you want to be reviewed.

To claim an DISCOVER PASS you will need to use the Resource Hub option: Claim an AcademyPASS and have your Session Activation Code with you (AcademyPASS code; emailed two days before the start of the Season). Use the form to indicate which service you would like to use, submit your work, specific requirements and suggest a date when you want to receive feedback. Receiving verbal feedback is an option, which we encourage. However, you may choose to receive written feedback if that is more convenient.

If you do not want to use the Resource Hub option for submitting your work or specifying a date for the session, please email us at Please provide your name, email address (same as registration to the session), Session Activation Code (AcademyPASS code) and any details regarding your request. This will be indicated in your Season confirmation email.

You will find information about upcoming events and workshops here.

For information on how we use your personal information across these services, please see our Privacy Policy.