Online Sessions

We like to think of these Online Sessions as virtual classes. We hope that the Academy helps us to engage with our wider community and that those who are looking for feedback and support have somewhere to find this. We strive to be inclusive and offer a much closer interaction with those that subscribe to our Academy, whether it is to join our online sessions, workshops, read our support guides or submit their own solutions they wish to share with the wider student community. We don’t want to be that type of company with whom you interact via email or through an online platform; we want to engage directly with you; give you feedback and help you become more confident in presenting yourself and your work. For more information about our Academy see here.

Season AcademyPass (THINK | EXPLORE | DISCOVER)

Season passes give you more flexibility, are of greater value and give you complimentary access to various training sessions and events. Passes come in 3 tiers.

We also offer professional-level training for DISCOVER PASS holders.

Registration Status: Currently closed; opens 2021

We are offering a limited number of tickets, so make sure you book yours in time. Monthly AcademyPASS are valid for up to one month after the monthly session end date. Season AcademyPASS are valid for up to 3 months.

Please note that starting January 2021 we require that everyone who registers to an event to create their own Personal ID Reference. This is done to keep your identity secure and anonymise our records. Before registering, we advise that you read through our procedures here.

Learn more about our Academy Standards here.

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No upcoming workshops.
Upcoming Workshops

Are you looking for more information about our workshops? View our Workshops event page.

Presenting Yourself and Your Work (Coming 2021)

Need to present your work to the public? No matter the size of your audience or professional setting, we can help you communicate your ideas. Our research team have presented in meetings and conferences worldwide and we offer insights on presenting in front of experts.

Career Solutions (Coming 2021)

Representing your work and yourself in front of people who might offer you a job can be difficult for most of us and it is something that we all have to do at some stage in our careers. Our team have been fortunate enough to have been on both sides of the interview table.

With stories of both success and disappointment, we offer some insights on job hunting and interviews. So whether you want feedback on your application or a mock interview, we can help get you on the right track.

Scientific Writing and Proofreading (Coming 2021)

We offer a reliable document proofreading service to suit your needs. Whether it is an essay for school, a dissertation for your undergraduate course or a PhD thesis, we will proofread your document. It’s not just a spell-checking service, we will also give you feedback and support on your projects.

Writing scientific papers is at the core of our contributions to science. So we know how difficult it is to prepare manuscripts for publication. We offer guidance to undergraduate and post-graduate students on the publication process and can provide feedback on written materials.

Creative Media and Engagement (Coming 2021)

Showcasing your scientific work to the public and need feedback or help getting started? Or perhaps you want your creative projects come to life and just need some support. We know that writing scripts, getting the right camera angles and presenting in front of a camera can be difficult. That is why we are here; to help you get your projects done the way you want them.

Training and Tuition (Only for DISCOVER PASS and Group Workshops)

With a strong commitment to the STEM sciences, we have experience in maths, engineering, biological sciences and languages. We can develop a personalised learning experience for you and your needs.

Translations and Interpreting (Only for DISCOVER PASS)

Have you recently moved to the U.K. and need support with English. We currently offer Spanish–English support, so whether you have moved to the U.K. or going abroad to a Spanish-speaking country, we can help you get started.

We are working to bring an interpreting service if you need assistance with appointments or meetings.

Still looking for something? Fill in the contact form and we can help you find what you need.

Please refer to our Policy regarding these services and how your personal data and intellectual property will be protected. If you are still unsure or want more information, please contact

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