The Academy is Changing

It’s been a long year of developing the Seanasol Academy, and despite delaying our official launch, we have been making changes in the background to bring a personalised learning experience to individuals at all levels.

Now, we are changing how the Seanasol Academy will look like by 2022. Here is a quick look at what’s in store.

A new free, entry level tier for individuals at all levels. This will allow us to reach a broader audience who may not have access to other learning platforms and empower individuals to become more confident in themselves and their work.

A low-cost, personalised option for returning individuals who are on a strict budget, offering access to a private tutor for the duration of their learning plan as well as access to all the benefits of the DISCOVER Season AcademyPass, without paying the upfront cost or being fixed to a subscription. This tier will suit individuals who are used to the more traditional 1-1 private classes. Learning plans and goals are arranged with a tutor.

Registering to AcademyPass online sessions is changing. We want to ensure users get the best experience when registering to their sessions, but also ensure that these transactions remain secure. We continue to encourage the use of the Resource Hub when submitting requests (adding supplementary information or securely sharing files), but this option may not be ideal for all users. In the future, we plan to merge this into one platform.

Rebranding of the Season AcademyPASS. We feel that a change in this area will help to simplify the concept of the season passes. This is a subscription model, but will allow us to offer better personalised experiences, discounted classes, and promotional codes to freely access even more content.

Additionally, we are expanding on the use of new collaboration platforms that serve as essential tools in our online sessions. We want to offer individuals an opportunity to take control of their ideas and inspirations to imagine, create and innovate. These tools will be made available to individuals who have registered and attended at least one paid session and will be available for the duration of their learning plan.

Finally, we are building platforms with a privacy- and security-focused mindset. We have already implemented security protocols to ensure a secure learning environment. From 2021, we have asked all individuals to self-assign a Personal Reference ID. This allows us to securely communicate with named individuals and anonymise our records. This ID also serves as a unique code to honour the participation of returning clients and offer personalised learning plans and promotional discounts. We will continue to work on our platforms to ensure the best way to safely collect payments, and store, share, and access information.

Update V.1.2

Community Forum has been removed from the site after trial period due to increased spam content. This content was not published on the site due to moderation checkpoint, which affect performance and purpose of community forum. Along with lack of community input, the Community Forum was deleted.

Changes Made:

  • Website no longer requires reCAPTCHA, and privacy notice has been removed
  • Updated policy for those that subscribe to the website
  • Updated privacy notice for content that is published by members of the community or team members, either as comments or posts.
  • Updated Resource Portal link on Quick Access Menu and no longer as part of the Academy.

Update to Privacy Policy

Effective from 07.03.2021 at 21:30 GMT (Updated 10/04/2021), after termination of the Community Forum trial. Please refer to these terms as they outline how your personal information is used while you visit this site and contribute to either comments and/or published posts. For my questions contact

Agriculture, Health & Space

Plants may help establish Space settlements, but we cannot solely rely on plants.
When the company was first formed, our mission was clear and simple: create the niche for Space Biology and bring plants closer to Space. However, this image doesn’t quite grasp the importance of plants in developing communities. And more so, we wouldn’t be “bringing” plants to Space, they would instead be grown there. We are currently exploring ways to expand our industry, such that we can improve society, health and education.

New Resource Portal

The Resource Portal is an easy-to-use, secure platform to help you get information when you need it.

We have re-branded our Help Portal as the new Resource Portal. In the Portal you will find two categories, 1) the Resource Hub and 2) the IT Support Desk. You can use the Resource Hub to find general information about the Company and policies, guides to our popular services and online tools, as well as search through a Knowledge Database covering anything from common IT issues to submitting your suggestions and feedback. If your query is about a specific technical issue, we suggest you use the IT Support Desk instead (see below). Both options allow you to submit your own questions or requests (tickets).

You will need to have an Atlassian account (free, online entity) to be able to check your ticket submissions. Learn more about these here.

Resource Hub

The Resource Hub is one of the many new platforms under our upcoming Academy site. The Resource Hub will become the place where you will find answers to your questions, submit your Academy PASS requests, follow up on your queries and communicate with us privately and securely. We are continually building our Knowledge Database, so if you find something that is missing, you can suggest a new page.

You can quickly access the Resource Hub database by pressing on the small question mark on the bottom right corner of your screen. You can type keywords relating to your query or submit a new request using the Ask a Question option.

Trouble getting started? Type in “Help” to submit a request.

IT Support Desk

If you are experiencing technical issues with any of services or platforms, you can instead use the IT Support Desk and choose from an extensive list of topics. The Knowledge Database in this Portal option is different from that of the Resource Hub and will mainly include technical and troubleshooting guides.

Civilian Space Protocol: A Worldwide Space Community

Space does not represent Escape, but Opportunity.

We are entering a time when a global response restores the strength in humanity, and when innovation can rapidly change our lives. We call on the citizens of the world to support the development of Space settlements, which must be built on the vision of civilians for supporting life and not solely for political or military campaigns.

Message from our Director on Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)

With the rapidly evolving situation worldwide, Seanasol Research is following the developments very closely and we will be taking every effort to minimise the risk of transmission within the UK. It is our duty to act responsibly for the good of our community, and our colleagues, locally and abroad. We are suspending all face-to-face meetings and opting to move our discussions online via communication services. We are working together with our collaborators to establish a medium of communication that will mean it will be business as usual, while taking every effort to contain the spread of the virus.

Our Languages

With a diverse team of multinationals we are proud to speak more than five languages (Arabic, Cantonese, English, French, German, Hindi, Thai, Mandarin, Spanish), so you can communicate with us in your native language if you prefer!

Did you know that Seanasol can be shuffled to spell seasonal? This again shows our commitment for environmental studies.