Webinars will be advertised through our social media and professional networks. Otherwise, if you subscribe to our monthly newsletter, we will send invitations via that channel. If you haven’t joined our newsletter, you can do so here.

You can register your interest via our Eventbrite invitation. After registering your interest, we will share details of the upcoming webinar and instructions on how to join. These seminars, although aimed to be freely accessible for the public, will use secure, voice over internet protocols.

More information about specific webinars can be found in Events.

Important Information

While these seminars are aimed to be open and freely accessible to members of our community, we have procedures in place to make these events secure. Online seminars are becoming more common, but that does not mean we treat these events any different than we would should we hold meetings in-person. We will continually adapt our policy to keep up to date to industry standards and ensure we communicate this information to our community. Below, you will find some of our policies when joining our seminars.

  1. We aim to protect our attendee’s personal information and identity, that is why we kindly ask that you do not share details about the online meeting with anyone unless they have registered interest to join the webinar. 
  2. We run an open space where we welcome everyone of any nation, race, religion and gender and have a zero-tolerance policy against abusive and/or disruptive behaviour. Be respectful to your fellow attendees.
  3. Attendees are kindly asked to submit their questions to the webinar moderator who will read these out during discussion time.
  4. Attendees will be told whether sessions will be recorded or live-streamed well before the event starts and our moderator will remind everyone on the day. Should you not want to be filmed, we advise that you deactivate your camera, mute sounds and/or change your display name.
  5. Contact details provided at the time of registration will not be made public or shown during the webinar.
  6. If attendees become disruptive and/or abusive during the webinar, our moderator will give one warning, but if this continues, offenders will be removed from the webinar and we will ban them from future seminars. 

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