Our Mission Starts Here

Our future success on other planets depends whether we can grow our own food, have access to healthcare, and be self-sustainable. But it is not only about producing edible crops or maintaining healthy Space settlements, it’s about having the systems and technology that maintains a steady supply of these resources. This is the key to sustaining life on Earth and other planets.

It is about strengthening the bonds and connections between individuals, to impose a sense of duty and responsibility to everyone, to manage healthcare systems, governments or aid for the collective good of the society and open the system for new ideas. And of course, the duty to protect the environment. Our “gateway to collaboration” ideology emphasise our role in our community to help business leaders, policy-makers, and scientists establish long-lasting partnerships.

As a Community Interest Company we are committed to driving measurable impact and innovation to those that will benefit the most from it. We firmly believe education should be more application-focused, and teach the importance of change, innovation, and how we can work to minimise our impact on the environment.