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This page summarises our Company Policies. Should you need more information or unsure about any of the items below, please contact us at info@seanasol.org.


1.1. Seanasol Research runs a dynamic website and content is subject to change without notice.

1.2. This website undergoes regular maintenance and during these time some website pages and links may be unavailable.

1.3. Seanasol Research invites its audience to communicate any factual errors, mistakes, inaccurate or inappropriate content on this website.

1.4. By subscribing to this website, you will receive emails for new content as soon as it is published. You may also subscribe to our Newsletter. Please refer to the Privacy policy to see how your personal information will be used.

1.5. For the best viewing experience we recommend launching the site in a browser from a tablet or computer. Browsing experience on a smaller device, such as a mobile phone, varies. Mobile version of the site is available.

1.6. Issues relating to this website and its content can be directed to our Webmaster at webmaster@seanasol.org.


2.1. At Seanasol Research, communication is very important to us, however, we also want to protect intellectual property of original contributors, stakeholders and external collaborators. Seanasol Research does not accept liability for information presented on this website that is or may seem incomplete. All material shared on this website is labelled as general information and you should not rely on this as a basis of making business and/or legal decisions. Any attempt to do so will be at your own risk and Seanasol Research will not accept responsibility for any loss of business and/or loss of profits.

2.2. Seanasol Research has tried to ensure that all information and material presented on this website is accurate and relevant. Occasionally, our review team will not catch any factual or grammatical errors. If you come across content that seems incorrect while using our website, you can contact us and we can resolve it.

2.3. Views and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the original authors and other contributors and does not necessarily represent those of Seanasol Research. If you have issues with a blog post please contact us so we can try to resolve it as best as possible.

2.4. All files that are available to download from this website have been uploaded to the secure WordPress file management system. We, however, cannot guarantee that downloading files will work every occasion, due to issues outside our control. We will not take responsibility for issues when downloading files and documents, including but not limited to, corrupted or damaged files, unable to open files due to software or hardware limitations and slowing or crashing your device during or after downloads.

3. Media Content

3.1. Some images posted on this website have been obtained under the Non-Commercial Creative Commons Licence and the appropriate attribution is given when available and/or applicable. This information can be found at the bottom of each webpage or below any image.

3.2. Content produced by Seanasol Research is subject to U.K. and some international copyright laws. Reproduction, editing or distribution require written permission from the original author or webmaster. Downloading content from this website (including original images, schematics, blogs) is permitted for personal reference only. The use of content on this website for commercial purposes strictly requires written permission from the original author or webmaster, and must be appropriately referenced. For full details regarding applicable copyright, refer our Creative Content Policy (document will open in new tab).


General inquires can be sent to academy@seanasol.org

4.1. The Academy is a pay-to-purchase services platform provided by us and will be offering resources for both students and professionals.

4.2. We have established a service workflow that protects your work, personal information, and intellectual property and ensures we deliver an exceptional service for our customers.

4.3. Your requests are submitted through the Atlassian Jira Help Desk, which allows you to check on your requests, follow up on correspondence from us and attach your files. This requires you to have an personal Atlassian account and you will appear as a Customer. Customer details of all closed and resolved tickets are erased from our system every 30 days. Learn more about Atlassian Accounts.

4.4. If you do not want to open a free Atlassian account, you can submit your requests via email here.


5.1. Seanasol Universe or the SUN Club is a member-only, exclusive area with premium content provided at no cost.

5.2. Registered users may choose to donate and will offer different tiers of accepted donations.

6. REQUESTING AND Submitting Project Proposals

Click to Request for Proposal.

6.1. Seanasol Research invites members of the public or members of the scientific community to submit project proposals. To be able to qualify, these must be related to or similar to the Company’s core values and industry.

6.2. Personal information provided in this form will be used as per the Privacy Policy. Region information will be used solely for the purposes of project planning and will not be used to locate you or personally identify you.

6.3. Project Proposals will only be considered if the Proposal Submission form (available via download from the website or upon request) is sent to Seanasol Research. Please note that the submission of both the Proposal Submission form and the Request for a Proposal form are not agreements of participation.

6.4. It is important that all project proposals, especially if these are research proposals, are properly referenced and do not include material that is protected by copyright. Seanasol Research reserves the right to check all material presented and approve or reject the proposal with or without reason.

6.5. All communication should be made via the Resource Hub (Project Collaborations). Project Proposal Submission Forms should also be sent via this link.

6.6. Seanasol Research aims to answer all proposals within four (4) weeks time, but in some circumstances (needing to check background of material, ensuring legitimacy of submitted proposal) this time frame may not be applicable. It is recommended if no contact is made after 4 weeks, to contact Seanasol Research at the email above.

6.7. For the interests of privacy and security, Seanasol Research will assign a unique Project ID to all project proposals, which will act as a reference number. All communication to and from Seanasol Research regarding your proposal should quote this number. If you need support or updates regarding your request, please use the Hub option (Project Collaborations).

6.8. The author(s) of successful proposal applications are required to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before any work is conducted.

6.9. Co-authors may submit a Request for Proposal form to give permission for us to communicate with them directly. Lead authors should not included co-author personal contact details unless consent to do so has been given. Seanasol Research will not accept responsibility for any information provided that was obtained without permission.

7. Scientific and Community Contributions

7.1. Seanasol Research records all contributions made annually and shares this information publicly via the Reports webpage. These reports are made exclusively for public reference, showcasing yearly outcomes, progress, community led projects and plans for the following year.

8. Private Donations & SPONSORSHIPS

8.1. Seanasol Research welcomes private donations and uses that money to invest in and organise community projects and events. We reserve the right to use some of that money to help with day-to-day running of our Organisation.

8.2. If you would like become a sponsor of a project or event, please contact us at donations@seanasol.org. All sponsors will be acknowledged on our project pages, social media accounts, internal documents, annual reports.

8.3. Individuals will have the option to donate £1 (in increments of £1.00 using the option). If you wish to contribute larger amounts, we strongly recommend to contact us via email at donations@seanasol.org.

8.4. Seanasol Research does not collect or track personal or financial information when making donations. This interface and service is provided by PayPal and it is recommended that you refer to PayPal’s policy regarding online payments.

9. Data Protection

9.1. Most of our on-going projects involves several partners and collaborators. For the interests of protecting intellectual property we are legally bound to only showcase only small updates and contributions.

10. Environmental Policy

10.1. Seanasol Research is committed in minimising impact to the environment and operates a strict policy on the use of paper. Seanasol Research minimises the use of single-use paper in day-to-day operations.

10.2. In efforts to minimise our carbon footprint we encourage our team to travel only if necessary, otherwise we opt for the most economic and environmentally friendly mode of transport.

10.3. We are committed to continually monitor and improve our environmental performance.


11.1. It is within our best interest to promote diversity and eliminate discrimination in the workplace.  Our aim is to ensure that all volunteers, prospective applicants, interns and collaborators are given equal opportunities.

11.2. To create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all team members are recognised and valued.

11.3. Our policy will be monitored and reviewed annually to ensure that equality and diversity is continually promoted in the workplace.

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