Our Vision

Our Mission Starts on Earth

It may be decades before we send humans to Mars, but if we do one day, the community there must be healthy and well-fed. Our future success on other planets depends whether we can grow our own food, have access to healthcare, and be self-sustainable. But it is not only about producing edible crops or maintaining healthy Space settlements, it’s about having the systems and technology that maintains a steady supply of these resources. This is the key to sustaining life on Earth and other planets.

Driving innovation through the cycle from research to discovery and application.

Agriculture & Sustainability

We are not producing enough food for a growing population, particularly in harsh, remote, and urban environments, where land for growing crops is often not suitable or urban design does not support crop cultivation. In fact, about 10% of total Earth land area is used for crop production. Together, these two conditions restrict us from meeting crop yields, and in the United Kingdom alone, accounts for over 70% of land area not being arable. Our solutions are aimed at building precision-farming systems for use in urban environments and Space settlements. We continue to follow on the ideology that “when we all move to Mars, everyone will be a farmer”.

Healthcare & Mind-Care

There are several people worldwide do not have access to essential healthcare and many will go with illnesses undetected or untreated, leading to avoidable mortality. But when it comes to natural diversity and survival, we as individuals are often tasked to take command of our own lives. However, access to healthcare is a basic right and we see using this diversity as the framework to lead positive and impactful change. That is why we take a research-led approach to understanding the diversity that exists, identify the problems and form collaborations within our extensive network to create an equitable, appropriate and feasible solution that can be deployed directly to patients, healthcare providers, and governments.

Engineering & Technology

To lead innovation, we are focusing on the use of high-quality space technology and Earth observation data. These data, which can be historical (collected through time) or in real-time offers a large quantity of information of what happens on Earth, from weather patterns to transportation tracking. This information can be used to create forecasting models for future climates, anticipate disease outbreaks and even capture information on how communities respond to emergency scenarios. We still rely on our immediate communities to understand their views, identify the problems they face and work together to find an appropriate and relevant solution. Access to space technology simply facilitates this process and helps us streamline the solution for quicker deployment in high-priority communities.

Community & Education

As a Community Interest Company our focus is exclusively aimed at improving the quality of life worldwide. We operate using an extensive network of academics, business leaders and policy makers who share a strong interest in community, education and scientific integrity and use multidisciplinary strategies to drive innovation through the cycle from research to discovery and application. At least 60% of our revenue, profit and donations go directly back to the community. That is why starting from January 2022, the Readmy Platform will come online, and will serve as a community wiki where we document all our contributions, the knowledge we collect from our network, summaries of key scientific publications relating to biology, healthcare and wellbeing, and any input from members of the community.