Mission to Mars

Our Mission Starts on Earth

By taking on the challenge of terraforming Mars and building greenhouses there, we first need to re-think how we grow plants on Earth. The technology and innovation we create on Earth, for Earth, will be used to sustainably grow our food here as much as it will on other planets. That is why every effort we make to improve the way we globally grow our crops—across big cities and harsh environments—we are one step closer to bringing plants to space. 

Our efforts extend to understanding the human body and how our behaviour needs to adapt for a future in Space. That is why we are pressing forward to expanding our industry to serve the Health and Social Sciences. Helping communities on Earth will provide us with information on how communities can be built and tailored in Space.

We are certain that these objectives and values will bring to us high-profile grants in collaboration with universities in the U.K. and internationally, and the profits gained to go back into our communities, for community led initiatives or reinvested to fund our future projects.