Session Alpha Testing

Status: Closed

What’s included?

This is a testing platform for online sessions.

  • Negative four (4) hours included.
  • A feedback session to play Solitaire on Windows.
  • Training in video games.
  • Training in how to make better pizza.

Registration Fee: Just give me pizza

Season AcademyPass

Purchasing a Season AcademyPass offers more flexibility and complimentary access to other training sessions and webinars. For more information about our Season passes, see here.

Group Sessions & Workshops

Group sessions are online events open for multiple attendees at the same time. These run throughout each season, and usually have more spaces available. Ideal for group projects and small teams.

Check the upcoming group sessions and workshops.

AcademyPASS Terms & Conditions

  1. This entry is not really real.
  2. What’s better than a pizza? Two pizzas.