Civilian Space Protocol

Space does not represent Escape, but Opportunity.

We are entering a time when a global response restores the strength in humanity, and when innovation can rapidly change our lives. We call on the citizens of the world to support the development of Space settlements, which must be built on the vision of civilians for supporting life and not solely for political or military campaigns.

Our focus is to introduce and establish a human presence in Space, without strict training requirements and instead allow Space to become accessible to anyone. Together we hope to solicit better expenditure of public funding worldwide and use it to support the growing Space industry.

Seanasol Research will ensure that this venture remains realistic and open to anyone from any world community. Also drive that the success of establishing a human presence will depend on our ability to be self-sustainable, and on the ability to grow our food supply and govern using a democratic system.

And we will also ensure that our attention becomes just as focused on solutions that will benefit Earth as much as they benefit this call.

Space does not represent Escape, but Opportunity.

A call to the world wide space community

The signer organizations call all the space advocacy organizations of Planet Earth to join the Civilian Space Protocol world wide campaign.

If you share with us the idea that:

the civilian space settlement should be kicked-off before 2030,

such a new paradigm requires priority focus to enhance some enabling technologies, to allow civilian untrained passengers to travel, work and live in space for long time,

the private industry is making a great effort, but shouldn’t be left alone,

the Planet Earth’s Governments are spending too much for military and too little or zero for civilian space development,

the world wide space community should speak loud with one only voice, to recommend such an urgent development,

then you should join the Civilian Space Protocol worldwide campaign, in order to solicit a better expenditure of public money worldwide, to support the New Space industry to work in the good direction.

Space advocacy organizations of all Countries, join the Civilian Space Protocol!