The Academy is Changing

It’s been a long year of developing the Seanasol Academy, and despite delaying our official launch, we have been making changes in the background to bring a personalised learning experience to individuals at all levels.

Now, we are changing how the Seanasol Academy will look like by 2022. Here is a quick look at what’s in store.

A new free, entry level tier for individuals at all levels. This will allow us to reach a broader audience who may not have access to other learning platforms and empower individuals to become more confident in themselves and their work.

A low-cost, personalised option for returning individuals who are on a strict budget, offering access to a private tutor for the duration of their learning plan as well as access to all the benefits of the DISCOVER Season AcademyPass, without paying the upfront cost or being fixed to a subscription. This tier will suit individuals who are used to the more traditional 1-1 private classes. Learning plans and goals are arranged with a tutor.

Registering to AcademyPass online sessions is changing. We want to ensure users get the best experience when registering to their sessions, but also ensure that these transactions remain secure. We continue to encourage the use of the Resource Hub when submitting requests (adding supplementary information or securely sharing files), but this option may not be ideal for all users. In the future, we plan to merge this into one platform.

Rebranding of the Season AcademyPASS. We feel that a change in this area will help to simplify the concept of the season passes. This is a subscription model, but will allow us to offer better personalised experiences, discounted classes, and promotional codes to freely access even more content.

Additionally, we are expanding on the use of new collaboration platforms that serve as essential tools in our online sessions. We want to offer individuals an opportunity to take control of their ideas and inspirations to imagine, create and innovate. These tools will be made available to individuals who have registered and attended at least one paid session and will be available for the duration of their learning plan.

Finally, we are building platforms with a privacy- and security-focused mindset. We have already implemented security protocols to ensure a secure learning environment. From 2021, we have asked all individuals to self-assign a Personal Reference ID. This allows us to securely communicate with named individuals and anonymise our records. This ID also serves as a unique code to honour the participation of returning clients and offer personalised learning plans and promotional discounts. We will continue to work on our platforms to ensure the best way to safely collect payments, and store, share, and access information.

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