The Gateway to Collaboration

Our gateway to collaboration tagline is a Company promise that we make to our community of business leaders, policy-makers, and scientists. It refers to our continued commitment to build and foster relationships between trusted individuals that we think bring value and measurable impact to scientific projects and business goals.

Our extensive network of trusted professionals are those who we have directly worked with or have known for several years that operate in a similar industry and share our core values. We do not profit from fostering relationships between individuals and businesses in our extensive network, and instead they continue to represent themselves as individual entities. This ensures that we remain impartial when suggesting possible collaborations and partnerships and leave individuals to make the final decision.


Building a career portfolio

Starting in the job market can be very difficult for recent graduates, as is establishing their skills, interests and motivations. For many, the jump from student to professional may be the most challenging, and we encourage anyone who is at this stage in their careers to use all efforts in following their interests. Some of these interests may be highly specific, through specific skills or experience, and working for themselves might be more suitable in the short-term and during transitionary periods. Having this opportunity available, allows early career professionals to build a career portfolio while they search for their preferred job, without losing any time to learn or practice new skills.

The Seanasol Gateway Scheme (for individuals only) offers representation of an individual under agreement from them to their potential clients and customers. On top of this, individuals that use this service continue to receive support from the company, including those required by law, as well as receive benefits including access business tools, training and tuition, and items that may be required for them to fulfil their roles. This however, is a choice for each individual, as we encourage that everyone gains their own independence. Individuals should expect to receive training in business administration.


Forming a collaboration

Finding a collaboration has different degrees of difficulty depending on the project, the aims and objectives of the partnership, or whether the collaboration will inspire not-for-profit values or commercial gains. Having a network helps establish collaborations, but finding value from individuals in these large networks and companies is difficult. Here is where our Company diversity and a multidisciplinary leadership is important; it helps us search in our immediate field and area of expertise, and use our network to source talent and skills from sectors that we have less influence in.

For individuals acting alone, the obstacles when seeking a collaboration, particularly when working on high-impact innovative projects, may seem daunting. Innovation is all about taking manageable risks, and being able to source new and imaginative ideas that will create something new. Now even for several of us, creating that new space is a challenge especially when we focus it on what we know. But if we focus on what we don’t know, we can start to think about what we need and how to get there.

The example below (Figure 1) is a simple diagram that exemplifies how seeking collaborations can be affected by barriers such as communication, networking, location, and access to other skills. These barriers can either block attempts to establish a collaboration or find value in individuals (A) or leads to businesses needing to bypass these barriers by investing in a consultancy that aligns the resources to their needs (B). Either way, these two methods can lead to project delays, loss in revenue, and impedes the process of innovation.

Fig. 1. Seeking collaborations can be hindered by barriers such as communication, networking, location, and access to other skills.

How Seanasol Research connects individuals under the Seanasol Gateway Scheme

Seanasol Research is the gatekeeper of the collaborative space and facilitates business leaders, policy-makers, and scientists establish long-lasting partnerships (Figure 2). We do this because we believe that the skills and interests of individuals within larger companies are the valuable assets that have the potential to drive the formation of new ideas and lead innovation. Like the hidden skills that we do not know we have, we want to showcase these with the rest of our network.

We also do this with the project leaders in mind, which allows us to be flexible and under no commercial agreement to profit when we identify a positive outcome. This also means that we are under no obligation to find a suitable partner or collaboration for individuals who reach out to us, and instead welcome new suggestions such that we continue to adapt our presence in the agriculture, healthcare and technology sectors. The individuals and companies that we represent are also not under any commercial agreement with us, nor are we in agreement with them to sponsor their services and skills.

Fig. 2. Seanasol Research provides bidirectional support and suggestions to bridge skills and foster collaborations.

Seanasol Research Consultancy

We understand that some collaborations need an extra push to get started and that is why we do not only bridge skills and connect individuals and businesses. We offer long-term value for these partnerships (Figure 3) and will be there to ensure that they are long-lasting, fair for everyone involved, and lead to impactful change through addressing project objectives and reaching milestones. Our team is experienced in project management, productivity, and will provide technical experience when collaborations are first formed and continue to support without commercial gain until the connected individuals and businesses form an agreement to work together. We also represent individuals who we identify as consultants and they are recognised as collaborators of Seanasol Research, which helps protect their rights, personal information, contributions made to the partnership, and their IP.

Maintaining our support for these collaborations helps us measure our impact and assess whether the right skills and individuals have been sourced. This is essentially critical when forming ideas and working on business cases and project grants, and in scenarios where the individuals and their businesses must make the initial investment using out-of-pocket expenses. We believe that it is important for those who do not or have little access to funding to minimise their costs of operation. In situations like this, we therefore support these projects by providing leadership, team management tools and technical expertise at no expense. By being transparent about these policies, we ensure that our partners are well informed and this enables us to adapt through different scenarios.

Fig. 3. We remain connected to the collaboration to monitor its success and continue to add value and support

Our role long-term promise

In the event that a collaboration is successful, meaning there is commercial value to it, there is access to funding or new IP has been created, we may follow four roles:

1) Seanasol Research remains a named partner in the collaboration and equally contributes. In return we may collect revenue or use grant funding to conduct specialist tasks or provide leadership and team management expertise and tools.

2) Seanasol Research selects an individual from the company or our network to work directly on the project either as an independent party or on behalf of Seanasol Research. That individual is then a named employee or a consultant for that initiative, project, or business.

3) Seanasol Research withdraws as a project partner and continues to add value and support through a consultancy agreement. This is beneficial for short- to medium-term agile tasks or longer term access to specialisms, networks, technical knowledge, use of proprietary tools, or continued access to leadership and team management workflows.

4) Seanasol Research withdraws completely from the collaboration, but any IP that is created during its support will be acknowledged by all parties and in products created thereafter that use that IP. In addition, Seanasol Research remains as the enabler of that partnership, which needs to be communicated and represented in all future outputs of that collaboration. Seanasol Research equally shares the outcome of this collaboration in all public and private reports.