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This page outlines our policy regarding information that you might supply during your visit to our site. If you have any questions regarding any of these policies or unsure what they mean, please contact



At Seanasol Research your privacy is very important to us. If reach out to us using the contact form, we will use any personal information you provide to answer your query. Your details will be saved until the query is resolved, then deleted from our system. If you are reporting a problem with our website or content, we may keep a copy of our correspondence to file a report. In these cases, your messages will remain anonymous.


If you wish to subscribe to us using your email, your personal information is securely stored and only accessible to webmasters. Seanasol Research will never use your personal information (email address) to contact you directly. We advice that should you receive emails that suggest have been sent by us and addressed to you personally, to label as spam and/or delete immediately.

We may occasionally send correspondence to our contacts in the mailing list. These are emails addressed to our community and email addresses will not appear to recipients.

Should you have any concerns about an email received from Seanasol Research, please contact us immediately at


Only if you are contacting us regarding our services, contributing to an on-going project or submitting a project proposal, we will contact you via the email address you provide. In such cases we will keep correspondence secure and details will only be available to senior company members.


Personal information provided when making donations are handled securely via the PayPal system. Seanasol Research does not collect your personal information or tracks that transaction. To learn more about these payments, please refer to the PayPal policies.


Seanasol has a strong partnership with Pressure Ink® and our posts may regularly contain links to In addition, we frequently link to external websites, such as social media platforms, which are outside of our control and we ask that you familiarise yourself with their privacy policies. We do not accept liability for the policies on websites that we do not manage.


When you first visit our site, a black banner will appear at the bottom of the homepage with information that this site uses cookies. If you wish to accept these terms please note that certain information from your visit will be collected to facilitate your experience. It does not however use this information to personally identify you. For full details regarding the cookie policy on this website, see here.

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