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This page outlines our policy regarding information that you might supply during your visit to our site. If you have any questions regarding any of these policies or unsure what they mean, please contact



At Seanasol Research your privacy is very important to us. If reach out to us using the contact form on our website and forms on the Resource Hub we will use any personal information you provide to answer your query. Your details will be saved until the query is resolved, then deleted from our system. Your information is secure with us, we will not disclose it or share with third parties.

If, however, you are reporting a problem with our website or content via the Resource Hub, we may keep a copy of our correspondence to file a report. In such cases, your messages will remain anonymous and we will not be able to identify you personally.


Our Help Desk is a easy-to-use, web-based platform where you can search through a database of questions and answers or submit your own questions, requests or comments. It works by you submitting a ticket and sending it directly to someone from the Company who will answer it. You will receive notifications and updates via the email address you provided at the time of sending the request.

Your email address will be securely kept in our Project Management platform (provided by Atlassian) and only accessible to administrators (for more information, see here). Once you are satisfied that we have resolved your query, we will close the ticket and erase your email address from the system. We will never communicate with you outside this medium unless you contact us first. Should you need further assistance, you can submit another ticket.

Should you not want to use the web-based platform, you can send your requests via the following email addresses:
IT Related Support (Specific IT queries & troubleshooting guides)
Client Support Desk (Resource Hub)

Information for known clients
If you are known to us and are a client or collaborator, then you may choose to keep your email address on our system so you can view and track your requests. You will need to have your own personal account, should you wish to do this and will only have access to the requests portal and associated knowledge database.

For more information see here.


You may wish to opt-in to receive Newsletters from us detailing our recent accomplishments, news or other developments. We use Mailchimp marketing tools, which means that when you submit your personal information on the form that shows up during your visit to our site, your data will be collected by Mailchimp.

As per our Privacy Policy, we only have access to the information you provide, which you will confirm by email that we will automatically send to you. Please ensure to check Junk folders as emails might be filtered and skip your inbox. We also encourage you to save the sender address so emails are not filtered in the future.

We aim to sent our Newsletters on or around the 5th of every month, and may occasionally send out a special issue to celebrate an accomplishment or event. We will never contact you directly and all our Newsletters will have a unique identifier code, which you will be able to see. We strongly recommenced, should you have any doubt on the authenticity of the email, to Check your Email using the ID number of the Newsletter to confirm authenticity.

You may unsubscribe at any time. Should you need more information about Mailchimp and their policy, please see here.


Unlike Newsletters, email subscriptions allow you to receive notifications to your email as soon as a post is published. This might be a good way of receiving instant updates on projects you are following, as we update our website frequently.

Email subscriptions are via our website provider, WordPress and information that you supply in this form will be collected and stored by our website provider. Seanasol Research will never use your personal information (email address) to contact you directly.

We advice that should you receive emails that suggest have been sent by us and addressed to you personally, to label as spam and/or delete immediately. Should you have any concerns about an email received from Seanasol Research, please contact us immediately at or submit a ticket here.

Social Media Site Integrations

We have expanded our social networks by using popular media sharing websites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Your personal information is secured, and no details other than those you provide on your personal accounts with these service providers will appear on our social networks. When contacting us via Facebook, we aim to resolve your queries through the Messenger App and we suggest you don’t share your personal details with us there.

If you wish to receive further support, please use the Community Support instead. Otherwise, you can email

Your personal information when attending online events

Our new webinar series, Talk@Seanasol, is aimed at increasing our engagement with our community. We will host seminars online via software and livestreamed on Facebook or YouTube.

To register interest we ask members of our community to use Personal information (name and email address) provided on this site will be treated in the same way that we treat any other information that you provide us. Emails will be sent via eventbrite using the information that you provide at the time of registration. We strongly recommend you acquaint yourself with eventbrite privacy policy before joining us on the platform.

Information for attending Online Sessions and Workshops

AcademyPASS for Online Sessions and Workshops will be made available via Eventbrite, as above. These “tickets” will be specific for the session you want to join. You can register for your session online at, and session information will be sent to your email inbox. You will receive your Activation Codes and a copy of the Personal Reference ID (a personal and unique code that you assign yourself during booking) and any other promotional codes depending on the type of session that you have booked.

The Personal Reference ID helps us to keep track of the sessions booked as well as anonymise the attendees. This way, we don’t need to keep personal information about you for our records. All information that you supply is collected and stored by Eventbrite, and will only be accessible to our administrators that access the platform. The information that we ask for you to supply cannot be used to personally identify you or to locate you. Information we require is your name and email address, which are used to contact you. We will never use your information to contact you for any other matters.

Applies only to proposals submitted online

When submitting a Request for Proposal form, you will be asked your name and email address, geographic location (by region), and about the project you have in mind. If you have collaborators (proposal co-authors), please only indicate them by name (after receiving permission from them). We will not accept responsibility for information provided in forms that have been obtained without permission. Make sure you use the same email in all forms, when submitting a proposal form, you will be the lead author or and all correspondence will be forwarded to you.

Only if you are contacting us regarding our services, contributing to an on-going project or submitting a project proposal, we will contact you via the email address you provide. In such cases we will keep correspondence secure and details will only be available to senior company members.

Information collected on project proposal forms are only used for project planning (i.e. figuring out time-zones for when it’s best for meetings) and cannot be used to locate you or identify you personally.

If you are a co-author on a submitted proposal, you may provide us with your personal contact details by submitting a Request for Proposal form and select the correct option under “Submission Type”. Co-authors will be required to submit their project ID, otherwise their request will be unsuccessful.


Personal information provided when making donations are handled securely via the PayPal system. Seanasol Research does not collect your personal information or tracks that transaction. To learn more about these payments, please refer to the PayPal policies.

As we expand our Academy and start selling services via our website, this privacy policy statement will change. Follow up on Our Policy.


Seanasol has a strong partnership with Pressure Ink® and our posts may regularly contain links to In addition, we frequently link to external websites, such as social media platforms, which are outside of our control and we ask that you familiarise yourself with their privacy policies. We do not accept liability for the policies on websites that we do not manage.


When you first visit our site, a black banner will appear at the bottom of the homepage with information that this site uses cookies. If you wish to accept these terms please note that certain information from your visit will be collected to facilitate your experience. It does not however use this information to personally identify you. For full details regarding the cookie policy on this website, see here.

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